Urine Collection Bag

The reusable urinal collection bag comes in three sizes; 500, 800, and 2000 ml.

Item No. Z-PUM-CB500/Z-PUM-CB800/Z-PUM-CB2000
Product Name Urine Collection Bag
Country of Original Taiwan
Material PVC LDPE
Color Clear


1. Turn and tighten the tube connection with the Weelax portable urinal.

2. The amount of the accumulated urine can be measured according to the volume markings on the bag. 

3. When the collection bag is almost full, you may turn on the drainage stopper to drain urine by applying pressure on the bag. 

1. Store in room temperature. 

2. Use neutral detergent to clean the bag. DO NOT use bleaches, alcohol, or corrosive substance. 

3. Recommend to replace a new bag every week for daily user.