Weelax Air Cushion Cup

Weelax Air Cushion Cup, a breathable design, that prevent your intimate part from potential diaper rash, and regain self-reliance and enjoy outdoor activities.

Item No. Z-PUM-ACC1
Product Name Weelax Air Cushion Cup
Country of Original Taiwan
Material PVC
Color Clear

1. This air cushion cup is only used for Weelax air cushion replacement. 


2. Away from diaper rash.

3. Can be worn daily. 

4. Odour free. 

5. Reusable. 

6. Soft "Donut shape air cushion", that comfortably touches your genitals and reduces skin irritation. 

7. "Windsheld" cleaning system, the design allows you to clean your device at any time, and the water will not touch your genitals. 

8. L shaped tube connector, 360 degree rotation design allows you to fix the urine collection bag to the left or right leg.